This curious antiquity is situated on high ground above the little hamlet of Morvah commanding fine views across the sweeping Penwith moorland and out over the sea. Originally covered by a mound of earth and stones, it is without doubt one of our most ancient monuments, and the best preserved of the Neolithic Penwith Chamber Tombs or Cromlechs - indeed it is the only one believed to have retained its giant capstone in position throughout the four to five thousand years since it was built. Within a stones throw of the quoit are the remains of  Chun Castle - an iron age hill fort last occupied during the Roman invasion. Enclosed within= its defensive outer walls were a number of circular huts and a well, the remains of which can still be seen. Sadly, the fortress was plundered for its granite in the 18th. century and now only the gateposts and two concentric rings of boulders remain.