This interesting structure is one of five similar stones grouped together close to Carn Kenidjack; the prominent rocky outcrop on the moors above Pendeen. Stones such as these are believed to be not only contemporary with the standing stones and stone circles that proliferate in the area but in all probability part of a stone circle system that may include any number of outlying structures. These particular stones are not far from the stone circle at Tregeseal.

         Artefacts such as these probably date from the late Stone Age or early Bronze Age. They vary in size - some are large enough for a person to crawl through whereas others will scarcely accomodate a clenched fist. Their precise function can only be speculated upon but if stone circles were indeed primitive calendars then holed stones such as these could possibly have served a role in observing the rising or setting sun. A link with fertility rituals cannot be ruled out - standing stones and holed stones having an obvious sexual connotation. Other examples of holed stones include the famous Men-an-tol just a couple of miles to the north-east - itself now widely accepted to be part of a stone circle system - and the Tolvan Stone near Gweek.