.                        Prussia Cove - formerly known as Porthleah - can be found at the eastern end of Mounts Bay and is reached by a narrow lane from Rosudgeon. The cove had a reputation as a centre for smuggling operations as in former times it was the stronghold of the notorious Carter family. By the mid 18th. century smuggling in Cornwall was widespread and had become a well oiled operation in which every social class was implicated. High taxation was the major contributing factor combined with low wages. One successful nights smuggling could earn a man the equivalent of two weeks honest toil. Spirits, tobacco and tea were the prime imports but the traffic in smuggling was by no means one-way. At one time three quarters of all tin produced was exported illegally! The Carter family were primarily involved with smuggling spirits from France. Harry - the elder of three brothers and a devout methodist - was the first to become involved, building himself a boat with full crew and carriage guns, and it was John - the second elder - who having adopted the alias ''The King of Prussia" was soon to join him on his exploits. The ''King of Prussia" public house in Fowey takes his name and was allegedly built on the proceeds of smuggling.