The Padstow  'Obby  'Oss is the relic of an ancient Beltane or pagan summer festival that takes place in the towns streets every May Day. A Red and a Blue 'Oss are paraded through the winding streets forming two noisy processions. Doorways are decorated with greenery and musicians garlanded with flowers escort their  respective 'Oss through the town to the tune of the May song accompanied by a resounding drumbeat and followed by the townsfolk wearing white flannels trimmed with red or blue. The 'teaser' prances ahead of the 'Oss taunting it and waving a painted club whilst the 'Oss swirls from side to side making occasional rushes at the crowd. At intervals the 'Oss dies, at which point, young girls reach forward to touch the 'Oss ensuring fertility - it is said that any young woman entrapped beneath the skirts of the 'Oss is sure to fall pregnant within the year. The 'Oss is soon revived by the striking up of the band and the strains of the May Song. The death of the 'Oss is symbolic of the death of the old God and the rebirth of the new God - the end of winter and the start of summer.