Situated on the western side of the Camel estuary, the ancient fishing port of Padstow was first known as Lodenek and later as Petrocstow when a monastery was founded here by St. Petroc in the 6th. century. Destroyed by Vikings in 981 AD, the monastery was rebuilt some miles inland at Bodmin. Since earliest times, the town has been a busy port; The Saints Way - an ancient trackway leading from Padstow to Fowey on the south coast - was probably in use as an overland trading route in the late Bronze Age. Latterly, the towns reputation for shipbuilding was brought to an end by the gradual accumulation of sand at the mouth of the estuary, giving rise to the notorious Doom Bar. Today the town is popular with tourists and still supports a small fishing industry. Not to be missed is the ancient local tradition of the 'Obby Oss' - a loud and colourful spectacle that takes place in the towns streets each May Day.