The picturesque inlet at Port Quin can be found on the north Cornish coast about three miles south of Port Isaac. Today there is no community to speak of – indeed there are only two or three houses and these are owned and rented out by the National Trust. In bygone days however this tiny cove did support a small fishing community. Port Quin was abandoned on two separate occasions – once when the pilchards failed and once when the entire male population were lost at sea. Not long after this disaster took place, the womenfolk were forced to abandon the village and their houses and cottages soon fell into disrepair. A few crumbling ruins of the old salt cellars can still be seen.Throughout most of the year, Port Quin remains a haven of peace and tranquility. Doyden Castle is situated on Doyden Point - a headland to the south of the inlet - and was built in 1830 as a gentleman’s retreat.