This carved oak bench-end can be found in Zennor church; it depicts a mermaid - a creature half woman and half fish - holding what is thought to be a comb and a mirror. Legend tells of a very beautiful woman who on occasions attended the church captivating all with both her beauty and her singing voice. She became fascinated by a certain young chorister by the name of Matthew or Mathey Trewella who was subsequently lured away by her irresistible charms after which neither were ever seen again. The legend also has it that local fishermen reported an encounter with a mermaid who called them from alongside their boat, insisting they haul up their anchor as it was blocking the access to her underwater cavern and that she needed to get herself ready for church that morning! It was widely believed that a mermaid may assume the guise of a beautiful woman in this way and that the unfortunate young Zennor man had been led away to her home beneath the waves. The story has an interesting parallel in Greek mythology with the tale of Odysseus and the Sirens.