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Use of Sundial Cornish Photography Images, and links to this site

Free use of images

Permission to use Sundial Photographics images of Cornwall on your own web site without charge:

I am happy for you to use the images on this site freely on your own related website without charge providing it falls into an acceptable category (photography, art, Cornish, art and culture, travel or tourism, general information or educational) providing you credit Sundial Photographics with the picture,  and preferably insert a link to my home page (or gallery images pages)   All images on this site still remain copyright.

Images may be used on any web site with the following content providing a link is made to this site's home page: Personal or business sites with a Cornish, travel or photography theme. Educational web sites.

Images from this site may not be resold, or sold as part of compilations, reprinted, copied or altered without permission of the copyright owner(s) under any circumstances.



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