About John Stedman

John Stedman was born in Cornwall and has remained in the county all his life. Never having lived far from the sea, it was the spectacular beaches, breathtaking coastline and picturesque harbours that soon became a continual source of inspiration and photography a chosen means of expression.

Moving from the Newquay area to Penwith in 1991, it was then that a growing interest in the Antiquities and Ancient sites of West Cornwall combined with a love of walking the coastal paths and open moorland led to a passion for landscape photography.

In 1994, John began producing a small selection of quality hand-made greetings cards for sale in a handful of local shops. Today their popularity is such that his photographs are regularly published and continually in demand and he now supplies a growing range of greetings cards to shops and galleries throughout much of the County.

Entirely self-taught, his Pictures reflect a deep love for his native Cornwall and an awareness of its rich diversity and abundant beauty.

It is fair to say that John is never happier than when taking pictures, openly attributing the quality of his images to living in such beautiful surroundings combined with a streak of perfectionism that he finds hard to suppress.  

John Stedman, Images of Cornwall

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